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The roof to your home or commercial building acts as a shield protecting the people and items inside. Over time, temperatures and the weather can reduce the effectiveness of your roof, which if not addressed, can lead to costly damage.

Our Inspection checks your roof's vital components to ensure your home or commercial building is protected for the year ahead.

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An annual visual inspection is vital to keeping a roof lasting a long time. A roofs main purpose is to shed water, but wind, hail, debris, temperature fluctuations, sun can all accelerate the wear of your roof if annual maintenance isn’t performed.

As your local Colorado roofing experts, we will carry out an extensive check to ensure your roof is in good health. As well as removing debris which can lead to leaks, we will also check your gutters and downspouts, caulking, roofing materials as well as metal flashing and roof edges.

We'll then reseal any vents as needed and let you know of any potential future problems, so you can be sure your biggest investment is fully protected.

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We understand that roof repairs can be an unwelcome additional cost, which is why for a limited time only, we're offering our Roof Inspection completely free of charge.

As your local roofing expert, we care about our community, so book your free roof Inspection today to take advantage of this offer.

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What's included

Our Inspection includes vital checks to ensure your roof is in the best possible condition. Local roofing experts will carry out essential checks to your roof's gutters, downspouts, caulking, vents, roofing material, metal flashing and drip edge as well as removing any debris that could cause blockages or further damage and re-sealing vents as needed.

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Removal of debris from roof & guttering

Debris such as leaves and branches can clog vital drainage causing water backup, potentially leading to leaks in your roof.

Caulking or resealing vents as needed

The water proofing elements on your roof can become damaged over time and are essential for ensuring moisture doesn't penetrate inside.

Inspection of gutters and downspouts

Your roof's gutters and downspouts are essential in removing water and must be connected and in good condition to work properly.

Inspection of roofing, flash edge & drip edge

Flashing is important for directing water away from the structure, and if damaged, can cause leaks and further issues.

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Terms & Conditions

This Inspection does not guarantee any additional damage will not be caused as a result of natural factors. This Inspection is a preventative measure that is recommended as a part of regular roofing care. Peak Roofing will make you aware of any damage or potential issues while carrying out the Inspection. No additional work will be carried out without prior consent. Our Inspection offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Peak Roofing reserves the right to amend or remove this offer at any time without notice. For full terms and conditions contact Peak Roofing.
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